Troubleshooting Flow Chart
for better sleep naturally

Are you tired all the time

because you have trouble falling asleep?

yes         no

because you have trouble staying asleep?

yes         no

because you have trouble getting back to sleep?

yes         no

because even though you think you slept well,
you get up in the morning feeling like you haven't
slept a wink or within a couple hours you are dragging?

        yes         no       
Subjective Insomnia

"I didn't sleep a wink all night."  "I saw every hour pass on the clock."  In reality, the majority of people who make these statements actually do sleep.  It may not be deep, restorative sleep, but it is sleep. 

Sleep comes in stages.  Some of those stages are light sleep, some are deep.  In light sleep, you will often be unaware of the fact that you are actually asleep and in one of the deep sleep stages known as REM (rapid eye movement) sleep or dream sleep, you may dream that you are awake.  If you think you didn't sleep, you may think you have a sleeping problem such as insomnia.  This may in turn cause you to worry about not getting enough sleep.  If you worry long enough, you may fulfill that self-fulfilling prophecy. 

In reality, if you are able to function during the day without falling asleep unintentionally, chances are you are getting enough sleep.  If you do tend to nod off easily during the day during quiet activities, chances are you do have a true sleep disorder and should take steps accordingly. Take a quick sleep screening test, read about sleep and sleep disorders, read The Guide to Better Sleep Naturally, order a Personalized Sleep Analysis, talk to your doctor or even better, a sleep professional in your area.
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You answered "No" to all the scenarios above

Generally sleep disorders fall into one of the four categories mentioned above. However, there are exceptions to every rule.  If you don't fit into any of them, either start over, try a Quick Sleep Screening Test, read a self help Guide to Better Sleep Naturally, take a free Personalized Sleep Analysis, or read about sleep disorders on our other web site,
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